Pharr’s Carpet Yarn Division has invested in state-of-the-art extrusion, new space dyeing, and high speed twisting and heat-setting. Pharr marries these assets with an experienced product development team, creating an environment that enables the fast-paced evolution of final product aesthetics.

Pharr offers a wide range of bulked continuous filament yarns in polyester, nylon 6 & 6-6, either self-extruded or sourced from a range of fiber suppliers. Products are available in a full range of lusters (bright to full dull), in both white dyeable and solution dyed deniers from 960 to 2600 (1050 to 2900 decitex) and from 3 to 25 denier perfilament. Diverse processing operations of technologies including: cabling, air entangling, air twisting, Suessen or Superba heat setting (straight, textured or frieze) and full range space dyeing (mirco to long space). Target markets include residential, contract commercial, automotive and rugs.

Whether it’s incredible softness, a range of solution or space-dyed products, or specialized twisting & heat setting to create that special look, let Pharr help you create the aesthetics you need to help dirve your product differentiation.